We are an independent Baptist missionary family ministering to the German speaking people near the beautiful city of Berlin, Germany. We are blessed to be sent by the Harvest Baptist Church in Larimore, North Dakota. Our desire is that this website will not only allow you to become more familiar with us and our ministry, but also a give you a greater burden for German speaking people in Berlin!

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Our Mission

There is such a spiritual oppression in Berlin Germany, but we are very excited to see what the Lord will do in our lives and with the people of Berlin. We have such a vision to see souls saved and to see local New Testament churches started with national pastors. All of this so God can get the glory in a city where the people are held captive (Isaiah 62:1).

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Letters of Recommendation

Pastor Ken Shaffer (Larimore, ND)

Missionary Jon Rettig (Czech Republic)

Affiliations % Demographics
Non-Religious 60%
Protestants 18.7%
Roman Catholics 9.1%
Muslims 8.1%
Other Christians 2.7%
Other Religions 1%